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How to Improve Business Efficiency With a Hot Shot Delivery Service

According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Commodity Flow Survey, trucks transported $10.4 trillion worth of the value of goods shipped here in the United States. That data comes from a 2017 survey, the most recent available, that generates estimates on how we move commodities across the country. 

There’s no doubt that businesses and consumers alike rely on the efficiency of a delivery service. However, trucking logistics are tricky and complex. There are many ways something can go wrong along the way from the manufacturer to the end-user.  

So, what’s the solution? A hot shot delivery service. Hot shot delivery is ideal for those looking to ensure speedy and reliable delivery of their goods and products. 

Learn more about it, including when to use it and why it works. 

What Is a Hot Shot Delivery Service?

This type of trucking delivers small and time-sensitive loads. As such, drivers must be experienced and highly dedicated haulers. 

In most cases, these are LTL (less than truckload) freights that don’t require an entire trailer. For instance, it might fit in the back of a small trailer or flat bed truck. 

Hot shot delivery isn’t the same as expedited shipping. 

Standard shipping times can vary from days to weeks or more. Expedited shipping is simply a faster option than standard shipping, such as next-day or same-day deliveries. Express shipping is even faster than that. 

Truckers carrying expedited shipments take fewer stops. There are often two drivers, so they can switch places, which eliminates the need to stop and rest. Expedited truck drivers are ready on standby.

Hot shot drivers aren’t waiting on standby. They deliver loads using medium or one-ton trucks and focus on getting time-sensitive materials to the destination as soon as possible. 

Companies can distribute hot shot delivery jobs to drivers on a load board. 

What Is a Load Board?

A freight board or load board—sometimes called a freight matching service—connects shippers and carriers. Essentially, it’s a digital marketplace where shippers, freight brokers, and more post loads that they have. 

Users can search for available freight, seeing what equipment they need to move it as well as other key details. 

Both carriers and shippers benefit from using load boards. There are also different types, including traditional, LTL, and miscellaneous. 

When Should You Use Hot Shot Delivery? 

When speed is critical and you’re dealing with time-sensitive loads, hot shot trucking is the way to go. 

However, it isn’t just about speed. Consistency, reliability, and a fast response time are also critical. 

Common loads include building materials, equipment, small vehicles, machines, and perishable items such as meat and other foods. 

When considering whether it’s the right solution for your business, make sure you choose a carrier with experience. Here at Patriot Freight Group, our company founders have experience in construction, manufacturing, and the oil & gas industries. We know how critical certain equipment can be and the importance of delivering it quickly to the job site. 

Hot shot hauling is available any time, including mornings, nights, and weekends. When you need something shipped in a hurry, even if it’s just one part, hot shot delivery is the way to go. 

The Benefits of Using a Hot Shot Delivery Service

Many different industries can benefit from using hot shot hauling. Maybe you don’t have the budget for your own fleet, or you only occasionally need fast shipping. Whatever the reason, there are many advantages to this type of trucking. 

Fast Delivery Every Time

Hot shot trucking is your freight delivery solution when you need something sent fast. It’s perfect for any last-minute deliveries or when something unexpected happens on the job site, and you need equipment sent there ASAP. 

There are drivers available and eager to pick up your items. No matter what type of truck you need, a hot shot delivery service has every option ready for any type of job. 

Here at Patriot Freight Group, we offer all of the following: 

  • Pickup trucks
  • Stake beds
  • Sprinter vans
  • Goosenecks

We also have a nationwide network and a massive fleet available, so we can react as soon as you submit the request. 

As soon as you call, we’ll find a solution to ensure the speediest option possible. That means you’ll get your products out faster and have them delivered in no time. 

We also do more than just load the items and ride off. We provide solutions to optimize the entire logistical experience from beginning to end, ensuring on-time delivery you can rely on. 

All Sizes of Freight

Since hot shot trucking companies have large fleets and vehicles in a variety of different sizes and types, they can handle any kind of load. You’re also only paying for what you need. 

A professional delivery company oversees the entire transport process, ensuring everything arrives on time. No matter what kind of job or whatever the size of the load, you can find a solution to suit your needs. 

Drivers can cross hundreds of miles nonstop. We know that last-minute shipping means every second counts. 

Constant Communication

For many people, shipping is a mystery. They may only receive notifications when something they’ve shipped is picked up by the carrier and when it arrives. 

You don’t have to worry about where your load is or whether everything is still on schedule. We’ll inform you of the process with constant updates and the ability to follow along with GPS tracking. 

That way, you can rest easy knowing the status of your delivery without calling dispatch. 

Drivers Stay Safe

Due to the necessary speed of an urgent delivery, hot shot drivers need to adhere to tight deadlines. They may also need to deal with unexpected challenges along the route that would normally delay a shipment. 

However, hot shot delivery doesn’t mean reduced safety measures. No matter how fast the delivery is, we’ll always follow DoT regulations. 

Drivers must undergo training that covers trip planning, procedures for emergency situations, load securement, and how to safely operate the vehicle. All of our drivers meet the following requirements: 

  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) 
  • Clean driving record
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Motor Carrier Authority Number
  • Meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s physical requirements
  • Approval from the FMCSA 

In addition to the above, drivers must also meet DoT regulations. For instance, weight is critically important. Loads over 10,000 pounds have to adhere to the Department of Transportation’s restrictions. 

Those rules include the following:

  • Storing a fire extinguisher on board
  • Having reflectors
  • Keeping a driver log
  • A DoT license plate and load sticker
  • Following the DoT rules on driving and rest time

Hours of Service (HOS) restrictions ensure that drivers are rested, awake, and alert enough to be safe on the road. Fleetwide compliance increases driver safety and reduces accidents. 

Our drivers work fast while still obeying all laws and regulations. 

Customized Rates Save You Money

Whether your load is big or small, a hot shot delivery service has a vehicle in their fleet to handle the job. One way you can save money is through a customized rate. We’ll evaluate your needs and provide a solution to ensure your delivery reaches the destination as quickly as possible. 

A third-party logistics company helps you save money if you don’t frequently need rapid shipping. You don’t have to invest in your own fleet or worry about maintenance and fuel costs. 

It’s Convenient and Easy to Arrange

There’s no doubt that such reliable and speedy shipping is extremely convenient in times of need. When there’s a shipment you need to send in an emergency or when every minute counts, hot shot truckers are the best solution. 

Arranging a driver to deliver your items is easy as well. All you have to do is contact the company, describe the commodity and its value, estimate the weight and dimensions, and list any additional requirements. You’ll get a quote, and then you can book the load. 

It couldn’t be any easier to arrange, and you can also track the shipment along the journey, receiving regular status updates.

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Trucks on the Road

Some of the most common reasons for truck accidents include speeding, reckless driving, driving while fatigued, and failing to maintain trucks and uphold safety standards. 

We have a preventive maintenance program that keeps all vehicles in top condition and performing safely. Preventive maintenance catches any issues early on, addressing them before there can be any breakdowns or mechanical problems. As a result, you won’t have to worry as much about these unexpected but preventable problems slowing down your delivery. 

Additionally, a hot shot trucking company trains all drivers on necessary safety precautions, such as making adjustments for bad weather conditions, following the speed limit, and checking blind spots. Safety training reduces accidents and protects your cargo along the route. 

A Hot Shot Delivery Service Enhances Efficiency 

By now, you’ve seen that hot shot delivery offers businesses in various industries many benefits. But how does it impact efficiency in particular? 

A More Efficient Route 

Perfecting a driver’s route is one of the best ways to ensure that your shipment arrives on time. With our resources, we can create an efficient route for the driver that cuts down on wasted time. Technology makes it easy to plan the best course, assign it, and improve efficiency. 

How is it more efficient? For one, route planning cuts down on resources and reduces fuel costs. It takes factors into account that can cause delays, such as construction, detours, and traffic. 

Considering vehicle capacity is also important to ensure the best price and setup for a customer. 

Carefully planned routes also result in happier and more confident drivers. They can focus on their job without getting stressed over traffic or delays that could have been avoided with more careful planning. Plus, it can even help reduce accidents by avoiding particularly congested areas. 

The faster a shipment arrives, the sooner you can get back to business as usual. 

Increased Satisfaction

Hot shot trucking might be a relatively new concept, but it’s been invaluable to companies that need to ship smaller loads in shorter timeframes. Speed is often key to efficiency, but so are reliability and professionalism. 

We promise to deliver shipments in a timely manner, using professional and efficient drivers in combination with technology that you can rely on to track the delivery. We want you to be satisfied with the entire experience from beginning to end. 

Plus, increased efficiency means the recipients will be more satisfied with the experience as well, enabling everyone to continue with business as usual. 

When operations can continue without delays, you don’t have to worry about bottlenecks in production. Any delays can cause a drop in productivity and profitability, which costs you both time and money. 

Professional Drivers That You Can Rely On

Hot shot trucking often involves carrying time-sensitive cargo. This type of freight delivery requires professional, safe, and experienced drivers. 

You shouldn’t trust just anyone to transport your goods. Unexperienced or irresponsible drivers can get into accidents or cause delays. You want someone that has undergone training, knows how to safely operate their vehicle, and can remain calm and handle any emergencies. 

Logistics solutions and driver training ensure that your deliveries are in good hands. Your shipment will arrive at your destination whenever you need it. 

The Delivery Service You Need

When you need to deliver small loads of time-sensitive cargo in a fast and efficient way, there’s no better solution than a hot shot delivery service. 

At Patriot Freight Group, our goal is to relieve the stress that’s often associated with transportation. We offer more than trucking services. We’re a solutions provider that strives to make logistics simpler. 

If you’re in need of hot shot delivery, full truckload, LTL, heavy haul, or other solutions, get a quote from us today to get started.