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Meet Patriot Freight Group

Where the Company Began and Where It’s Going

Patriot Freight Group is a third-party logistics (3PL) company, based out of Houston, Texas. In 2014 Jonathan Nutt and Andrew Salazar saw an opportunity to improve an $800 billion industry with the creation of Patriot Freight Group. While still working full time jobs, Andrew and Jonathan purchased a F550 truck and launched Patriot Express. It’s this type of above and beyond work ethic that’s made Patriot Freight Group a 3PL leader.

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By May of 2015, the guys had another full-time job – ensuring the continued growth of the business. In addition to managing Patriot Express, they expanded the business with Patriot Freight Group, a freight brokerage. Through the first 3 years, Patriot Freight Group grew organically as a broker/carrier. The business grew to 9 trucks, 12 drivers and 4 full-time office employees.

By the end of 2018, Patriot was running 20 + trucks, had over 30 employees and was brokering roughly 6,000 loads annually.

The combination of a trucking recession and pandemic over the next few years slowed things down, but it didn’t stop Patriot Freight Group. Through strategic decision making, Patriot Freight Group persevered, and by the end of 2021 the company experienced record growth.

Patriot Freight Group is now positioned for an even stronger future in the coming years. The company overcame the challenges of the pandemic, which has made Jonathan and Andrew even more invested in remaining a leader within the freight brokerage industry. We’re focused on continued growth by developing key employees, promoting a positive work culture and continuous training that leads to exemplary service.

The People Behind Patriot Freight Group

Jonathan Nutt

Jonathan Nutt

Co-Owner and CEO

Jonathan graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science degree in geography specializing in GIS and cartography. Jonathan spent eight years in the residential construction industry. The experience involved work with a green field startup for a publicly traded home building conglomerate. Jonathan transitioned to a steel distribution company that was the sole source provider of raw materials inside the headquarters of a major manufacturer. Next came Jonathan’s third startup, but this time he was the co-owner. In 2014 Patriot Express was a hot-shot carrier with a single truck. Since that time the company has continued to grow, exceeding forecasted revenues. Jonathan provides financial and management leadership from his diverse career to keep Patriot Freight Group on a trajectory of growth.

Andrew Salazar

Co-Owner and COO

Andrew grew up in the heart of the oil industry in Midland, TX. His eight years of experience working in the oil & gas industry included sales, logistics, and quality management. As a business development manager for a premier O&G manufacturer, Andrew managed the Eagle Ford Shale region and transitioned into operations management. Andrew has extensive experience in quality management and has spearheaded both ISO and API certifications for multiple companies. As the COO of Patriot Freight Group Andrew is responsible for all daily sales and operations activities. His knowledge of the freight industry has enabled Patriot Freight Group to exceed forecasted revenues.

Kevin Williams

Director of Operations

Kevin brings over a decade of experience in logistics to Patriot Freight Group. He’s worked in sales and operations management in both domestic freight brokerage and 3PL warehousing. Kevin has extensive experience in produce, plastic films/resins, steel, and Oil & Gas freight, as well as specializing in claims management and reduction. His primary focus is improving company culture, employee development and training to increase sales, productivity and customer service. He attributes his success over the years to his faith and the support of his family.

Laura Mireles

Director of Customer Success

Laura is the Director of Customer Success at Patriot Freight Group, and she was Patriot Express’ first team member. Laura has a strong background in flatbed, hotshot and heavy haul freight. She’s a talented problem-solver and provides excellent customer service from pickup to delivery. In 2021, Laura showed her versatility by moving from asset operations to our 3PL division when the company shifted focus. Today, Laura acts as a mentor for the team and ensures the next generation of Patriots are prepared for any challenge with information on DOT/FMCSA regulations and guidance on proper equipment.

Jeana Tiner

Director of HR and Accounting

Jeana serves as the Director of HR and Accounting at Patriot, where she has played a pivotal role for over seven years. Her meticulous attention to detail and thorough approach are hallmarks of her work, enabling her to manage complex tasks with precision. Jeana’s diverse experience across multiple industries, including steel distribution and legal services, has significantly enhanced her effectiveness in her current role. This varied background has equipped her with unique insights and skills, making her an invaluable asset to the Patriot team.


Patriot Freight Group aims to relieve the stress commonly associated with the transportation of goods by exceeding the expectations of our customers and carriers; always striving to be the preferred logistics provider.


Simplify Logistics

Core Values


Patriots put others first. In a time when selflessness is a rare quality, it is expected at Patriot Freight Group.


Doing the right thing, regardless of convenience. Our customers can trust us; what we say is what we do.


Great things require a team effort. At Patriot, we believe strong individuals working together create great results.


Give back to the community. We partner with local nonprofits that change lives in our communities. Their work inspires positive change in us all.


Trust is the key to every healthy partnership, and is cultivated by transparency throughout the client’s experience.


Exceeding expectations with passion and perseverance regardless of the challenge.