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6 Tips for Hiring a Heavy Haul Trucking Company

As of 2021, the construction industry was valued at $1.6 trillion in the US. It is also responsible for around 4.3% of the GDP in the United States.

If you manage a construction company, you may need heavy haul trucking. The problem with this is that you need to find the right company.

There are a lot of heavy haul trucking companies, but they aren’t always the best fit. This guide will help you pick the right company to fit your needs.

Keep reading to find out how to hire a heavy haul trucking company.

1. Do Research

When hiring a trucking company, you need to take your time. This company is going to be in charge of very important tasks for your business.

The first place to start is by doing online research. This is the perfect way to sort through your options and create a list that you have condensed.

One of the first things you should be looking at is the company reviews. These should be easy to find online from a variety of past clients.

Keep in mind that there will be a variety of positive and negative reviews. These all provide value when you are doing your research to find the best option.

Specifically, look for past clients within the same industry as you. This will give you an idea of the work that the company has done for construction.

It is also a good idea to check out the company website. There is an abundance of information here, as well as other useful things like galleries and about pages.

If you have any additional questions, you could always call the company in person. This provides a good opportunity to find out anything that may have not been online.

2. Compare Costs

Trucking companies are abundant and provide a variety of different options. One of these options is the different prices they provide.

It is important to figure out what your budget is before doing your research. This will help you to narrow down your options according to what is more affordable.

With that said, it is important to not base your decision solely on price. Just because a company is cheap does not necessarily mean it is the best option.

The best options will usually be somewhere in the middle that is affordable but not overly cheap. You have to focus on the quality of work so that your investment is worthwhile.

You should prioritize companies that are upfront with their costs. This shows transparency and ensures that they will be easier to work with.

3. Available Services

When looking at heavy haul trucking, there’s something else to consider. Not every company is going to provide the same kind of services.

That is why it is important to do thorough research to make sure you choose the right option. You want to go with a company that provides everything you think you may need.

For instance, you may not need a full truck for your truckload. In this instance, you would want to go with a company that provides LTL, or a less-than-truckload option.

Or you may have a very heavy truckload that needs transporting. In this instance, you would want an over-dimensional or heavy haul option for your company.

All the services that the company provides should be on its website. This is very basic information, and it is important that you have easy access to it.

If you have any questions about the services offered, you could always call the company yourself. This is a great way to narrow down your options and make sure you are looking in the right place.

It is also a good idea to choose companies that offer other services you may need. You may not need a particular service right now, but you may use it in the future.

Choosing a company that offers a wide range of options ensures flexibility. Patriot Freight Group is a great example of this that you can rely on.

4. Understand the Necessities

There are certain things you need when you are looking for a heavy haul trucking company. These are things that are necessary to get the job done.

You may have precise load dimensions that need transporting in a safe way. Or you may need over-dimensional equipment like track hoes or excavators.

It is important to have a list of the necessities you are specifically looking for. This ensures that the company you choose will be able to get the job done.

This will also help you when you are deciding on your budget. Different kinds of equipment and load options are going to change the quote you will get, so you need to be specific.

5. Look at Customer Service

Something a lot of companies forget about is communication. When you hire a heavy haul trucking company, you will be working with them quite closely.

Because of this, it is important that the company has good customer service. You are going to communicate with this team, and they need to provide certain things.

For instance, customer service that is rude may not be the best option. They may not offer helpful information or understand how to answer your questions.

These are all red flags that could indicate a problem in the future. It is also important that the customer service team is easy to contact.

When you have construction materials and equipment on the road, you want to know what is going on.

6. Consider Safety

Part of construction involves transporting very large and heavy materials. These materials and pieces of equipment come with some risks.

You want to find a company that prioritizes safety when doing the job. This includes the safety of the crew as well as what is being transported.

Some companies may provide safety information on their website. This makes it easier to access when you are doing your research.

If you don’t find this information online, you should call the company. They should have the information to give so that you understand exactly how safety is managed.

The company should use up-to-date safety standards and regulations. This includes having the right permits for safe and legal transportation.

How a Heavy Haul Trucking Company Helps Your Business

Do you need a heavy haul trucking company for your construction business? Or are you looking for heavy haul trucks for sale?

Either way, there are many benefits that heavy haul trucking provides for construction. This is why most managers consider this to be a necessity for construction companies.

Heavy haul trucks can transport things like mats and sandbags. They can handle any kind of construction materials or equipment, even if it is oversized.

Here are some examples of how heavy haul trucking can help you.

Fewer Permit Issues

A big part of construction is getting materials to where they need to go. This can be a real headache when it comes to transporting through different states.

Every state has different regulations when it comes to freight hauling. You need permits and paperwork for all standard construction transportation.

But you also need extra permits when it comes to oversized and overweight loads. This can be very difficult to manage on your own when transporting for a project.

A heavy haul trucking company is going to handle all this for you. They’re in charge of maintaining the paperwork and getting the right permits for their route.

All you have to do is set up the transportation with the necessary materials and equipment. You don’t have to worry about getting permits or mapping out the legal requirements per state.

This is a huge benefit since it frees up your time and reduces some of your stress. These trucks can help you in transporting aggregate as well as precast concrete.

Faster Service

Construction projects are often quite long, depending on the scale. Having to transport materials and equipment only adds to this timeline.

One way to cut this time in half is to outsource some of the work. Heavy haul trucking provides the perfect solution for getting materials from point A to point B.

This company has dedicated drivers that know what they are doing. They understand the routes and are familiar with the equipment that’s used.

If you were to handle this on your own, you would have to combat the learning curve. You would also have to find people to manage this work in a safe way.

The trucking company provides a faster service with less effort on your part. This ensures that materials will arrive on time so that the project can stay efficient.

More Reliable

When you are transporting construction materials, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Trucks can break down, or there may be unexpected delays.

These risks are even higher when you have untrained people managing the transportation. A trucking company knows what it is doing and provides more reliable service.

It maps out routes and ensures that regulations are followed. You can also rely on communication throughout the process so that you stay up-to-date.

Trucking companies also provide a range of services for all your construction needs. Whether you’re transporting pre-cast concrete, step decks, or flat beds, trucks are available.

Cost Effective

You may be worried about the cost when it comes to transporting for construction. After all, this is just one more expense you have to factor into the budget.

The reality is that this is something that can actually help you save money. Managing trucks is expensive, and there are many different costs you have to consider.

This includes things like gas, maintenance, cleaning, and insurance. A trucking company handles all of these aspects and provides you with a reliable quote.

This helps you to avoid all of those small expenses that you may not have planned for.

Better Safety Precautions

The construction industry is a very heavy-duty profession. Whether you are managing the company or working on the ground, there are many risks to consider.

When you are transporting goods like helical piles, it’s important to remember safety. Heavy haul trucking companies maintain the highest safety precautions.

This helps to eliminate some of the risks you might otherwise face. It helps to lessen your workload since there isn’t as much you have to manage.

This can be a huge relief when you are managing a construction company. You won’t have to worry about the safety of transport, so you can focus on other safety concerns.

The trucking company will also be responsible for everything related to transport.

Better Technology

Heavy haul trucking companies are usually very up-to-date. They utilize the most recent trucking technology and fleet management.

This helps them to do their job much better than you would ever be able to. This helps create more efficient routes for faster times and less risk.

They also have newer vehicles that make loading and unloading safer. That is why you should go with a company that provides the latest features in heavy haul trucking.

Heavy Haul Trucking: Hiring the Right Company

If you manage a construction business, there are certain things you need to outsource. One of these things is heavy haul trucking.

When you hire a heavy haul trucking company, you need to compare costs and services. It is also important to look at heavy haul options and truckload sizes.

Do you need to hire a heavy haul trucking company? Contact us today at Patriot Freight Group to get a quote.