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Trucking Solutions for Long-Distance Hauls

We have all had to drive an exceedingly long distance at one point or another. However, it’s doubtful that most people have driven anything that even compares with the distances that truck drivers travel. 

Unfortunately, finding the best trucking solutions to some of the most annoying problems (tedious and major) regarding cross-country shipping can become very difficult. For this reason, finding a professional service to help you along the way will allow you to be able to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If you are interested in learning about the best trucking services out there, read on to learn everything that you should know. 

How Much Does Shipping Products Cost? 

As is the case with most commodities that are bought and sold, the cost of shipping the products is dependent on a number of factors. These are listed below:

  • Distance that the product is being shipped
  • Weight of the product 
  • Number of products
  • Shipping company that is employed 

For example, if you need to ship a large number of products for a short distance, you will not be paying as much money as a scenario in which you need to ship fewer products for a further distance. This is because distance is usually the primary factor that determines shipping cost. 

Pinpointing the exact cost of shipping products is very difficult. You will also have to take into account fuel and other costs that the shipping company may require you to pay. 

So, to answer this question, you will need to visit a company’s website, schedule a complimentary consultation with them about your shipping needs, and jointly determine how much it will cost. This is both the most efficient way and the preferred way. You will get the most accurate information by contacting the company itself rather than relying on third parties. 

What Are Some Challenges and Trucking Solutions With Shipping Companies?

Despite the fact that the proper long-distance trucking services are what you need to ship your products, they do have some major issues that they are facing in our current day and age—and we should at least address these. Some of the most prominent challenges facing trucking companies are listed below:

1. Lack of Drivers

A driver shortage has remained the top concern for trucking companies for the past several years. Additionally, the governmental restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic certainly did not resolve this matter. To relieve this issue, numerous strategies have been proposed. 

Some claim that one of the best truck solutions to this problem should involve advocating for Congress. According to what many trucking companies have to say, they should introduce an apprenticeship program that allows 18- to 20-year-old potential truckers to be trained to drive interstate. Currently, you must be at least 21 years old to do so—which would allow for more drivers to be inducted into the industry. 

2. Low Salaries

As you could probably tell, this ties in with the first challenge that trucking companies are facing. The fact that most drivers do not feel like they are getting paid enough for their work is probably what is causing them to leave and go look for work elsewhere. 

Adjusted to modern-day inflation, truck drivers used to make $110,000. Currently, today, the average truck driver makes about half of that—roughly $51,000. This sharp decline in compensation has most likely caused many truck drivers to either quit their jobs or resulted in not enough new recruits. 

3. Driver Retention

This issue goes hand-in-hand with the previous two that we have discussed so far. Unfortunately, it is very hard for trucking companies to find employees who stay in the business for a long period of time. It seems to most that these three major issues are all related to one another in some way. 

This relationship between them might stem from a single commonality: compensation. If a driver is unable to support his family with the money they make from their job, he or she might as well resign and find work somewhere else with better pay. Currently, trucking companies are trying to find the best CDL truck solutions to this issue. 

These three issues are the top major concerns for trucking companies. Hopefully, they will be either resolved or at least significantly diminished in the following decades. 

What Is the Best Trucking Company Out There?

The shipping industry has seen the rise and fall of large monopolies and small shipping businesses—for there have been (and still are) thousands of different companies. Nevertheless, one, in particular, stands out from the crowd. 

This company is called Patriot Freight Group. With some of the best drivers and prices in the entire industry, it would be a shame to not head to their website and contact them today. Founded on July 4th, 2014 with just a single truck, Patriot Freight Group has taken the shipping industry by storm with its superior qualities. 

You might be thinking to yourself that you have already found the best supply chain solution to your shipping dilemma, but if this does not include Patriot Freight Group, then you are leaving out a major potential help. They will be one of your best intermediary trucking solutions. 

Check Out Patriot Freight Group Today 

Well, there you have it on trucking solutions. This article has provided you with everything that you need to know about the shipping industry and why you should trust Patriot Freight Group to ship your products. 

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