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Patriot Freight Group Now Delivering to Canada

Patriot Freight Group CanadaAfter just three short years in business, Patriot Freight Group is now an international trucking service provider. In addition to serving the lower 48 states, Patriot Freight Group now delivers to locations across Canada.

The decision comes as Patriot Freight Group continues to expand its fleet. In a relatively short amount of time, Patriot Freight Group has gone from a single truck to 20 trucks running between the U.S. and Canada. Owners Jonathan Nutt and Andrew Salazar say the move into the Canadian market is a natural next step for the trucking company.

It’s an exciting move that promises to extend Patriot Freight Group’s reliable supply chain solutions to new areas where the company’s expertise is needed.

Supporting the International Oil and Gas Industry

Patriot Freight Group got its start servicing the U.S. oil and gas industry as a hotshot carrier. Our Houston headquarters gives us strategic positioning for servicing oil and gas companies at the epicenter of U.S. production.

The U.S. is also a major contributor to the growing natural gas and crude oil production in Canada, primarily as an exporter of machinery, equipment, and supply chain goods. As the American and Canadian oil and gas industries have grown together, there have been more requests from our loyal clients for service across the border. They prefer to work with Patriot Freight Group every mile because they know we’re a reliable supply chain solution.

We’re now helping more U.S. businesses expand to Canada by providing fast, efficient non-stop delivery between the two countries. Patriot Freight Group is fully equipped to continue providing the exemplary services our oil and gas clients have come to expect.

Helping the Construction Industry Build on Both Sides of the Border

The expansion to Canada is also allowing Patriot Freight Group to utilize its expertise in the construction industry. Co-founder Jonathan Nutt leveraged eight years of experience within the residential construction industry to quickly make a name for Patriot Freight Group among U.S. builders. Now the shipping company plans to do the same in all 10 Canadian provinces.

“We’ve decided to take advantage of the opportunity to further support our customers requirements,” explained Mr. Nutt. Patriot Freight Group will work with current clients as well as take on new ventures within the Canadian construction industry. The goal is to make a positive impact on the Canadian construction industry through a focus on service and solutions that have proven successful in the U.S.

Need a trucking service provider that can operate on both sides of the Canadian border? Contact Patriot Freight Group today to discuss your project needs!