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How to Choose the Best Grocery Trucks

Working with the best grocery trucking business can massively increase your clients’ satisfaction levels and boost your company’s reputation. After all, when your groceries are arriving with your customers on time and in superb condition, they are likely to sing your praises.

But, what factors should you look for in a grocery trucking company? There are many average businesses in the market, and they can all look the same. While this is true, an exceptional freight firm such as Patriot Freight Group has some key qualities that set them apart from their rivals

Keep reading to learn more about hiring the best freight trucking business for your grocery deliveries. 

Experience and Expertise

Transporting groceries is a niche market that takes skill and expert knowledge. If an inexperienced trucking firm does not know how to store and carry your goods correctly, your groceries could spoil or suffer damage.

Unfortunately, the first you will hear about this problem is when a dissatisfied customer phones your company to complain. They may even look for another carrier and leave negative reviews about your business online. That’s why our carriers have the training and know-how to transport your groceries to their destinations in a safe and secure manner. 

You can then look forward to receiving repeat orders from satisfied clients. 

Freight Routes

If your carrier only uses a limited number of routes, this can impact your grocery delivery times. When transporting fresh produce, this can be a severe problem as the food may only last for a few days before needing to be thrown out.

To avoid this issue, our specialist team works with numerous carriers. They can cover many different routes, providing you with more delivery options.

We determine the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get your groceries to your clients. Our staff can also quickly come up with alternative routes if there is a problem. For example, there could be delays due to weather events or an accident on a route, and we can help our carriers to create a new journey plan. 

This can reduce the risk of your groceries becoming delayed in transit.

Condition of Vehicles

Not every trucking company makes an effort to keep their vehicles in the best possible condition. This can make it more likely that their trucks are not fit for purpose. For example, there could be leaks or gaps in the walls, or some mechanical parts may be worn and susceptible to breaking down.

If your groceries are not properly protected, this could lead to them becoming damaged while in transit. In addition, a truck that needs roadside repairs might be out of service for several hours, if not longer. This could leave your groceries stranded between you and your customers.

At Patriot Freight Group, we only work with carriers that keep their trucks roadworthy and in excellent condition. This means you can be confident your groceries won’t arrive late due to unnecessary delays. 

Grocery Tracking

A modern trucking logistics company should be able to provide you with regular updates while your groceries are in transit. This is why our carriers use advanced GPS tracking and communication systems.

Should a customer get in touch and ask where their delivery is, you’ll be able to give them real-time updates. This is an excellent way to improve your customer service levels and make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Driver Standards

If you’ve driven long distances, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep your concentration over an extended period. But, professional drivers will know how to keep their driving standards at peak levels. This can be through practices such as staying hydrated and focusing on their driving skills.

As an intermediary trucking business, we take driving standards seriously. Our team only works with carriers who employ the best drivers in the industry. This means your goods will be transported by professionals who have enhanced driving skills. This allows them to carry your goods over any distance without letting their standards drop below acceptable levels.


One of the most vital aspects of picking a grocery trucking company is making sure they are dependable. It’s not acceptable if your goods are delivered on time only nine out of ten times. This would mean that you are letting your clients down too often. They may then decide to move to another supplier.

That’s why the team at Patriot Freight Group works tirelessly to get the best delivery results for your business. Our staff use their years of industry experience to ensure your customers receive their goods when expected.

This may not always happen when you use other transportation companies. But, you’ll soon realize this is part of our high service standards.

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Partnering with the right grocery freight trucking company can give you peace of mind your goods are in safe hands. At Patriot Freight Group, our skilled employees work closely with you to fully understand your needs.

This process allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient delivery solutions. We also use the most up-to-date equipment and technology. This ensures your groceries make it to their destination on time and in immaculate condition. Our outstanding customer retention rate speaks volumes and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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