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Going The Extra Mile

The American trucking industry employs 1.45 million employees. When it comes to getting your freight where it needs to go, they all matter.

Customer service in the trucking industry includes every aspect of the service you receive, from placing your order to the moment it’s delivered. It’s essential to getting your freight shipped safely and professionally.

Do you consider the importance of good customer service when you choose a trucking company? If not, it’s time to start. Read on to learn about how customer service can impact your shipping experience and why it’s so important. 

Quality of Service

When you entrust your freight to a trucking company, you expect top-quality shipping. You expect your freight company to look after your cargo as if it was their own.

That’s why customer service is more than just being friendly to you on the phone when you place your order. In the trucking industry, it means that every employee should go the extra mile to give you exceptional service, from picking up your freight to safely delivering it at its destination.

A company that respects its customers will treat their freight as carefully as if it was their own. You’ll experience exceptional service quality, which leads to fewer mistakes, transparent communication, and better service overall.

Service Speed

Speed matters in the world of trucking logistics. It takes professional skill, know-how, and experience to get your order completed on time. Every trucking logistics company should pride itself on its speedy and accurate delivery. 

Whether you’re shipping an industrial load or moving a large personal item, timely delivery matters. Companies that put their customers first know that falling behind on an order can cause serious problems for their clients, so they make service speed a priority. 


Even when a freight company supplies the best service, accidents can happen. 

Maybe your shipment was delayed. Maybe your cargo sustained damage in transit. Whether due to human error or factors outside of the company’s control, a company that practices excellent customer service will take responsibility for the problems and work with you on fixing them.

A company that values customer service won’t leave you stuck in a difficult situation. They will take responsibility for all aspects of their service and work with you to find a solution.

Proactive Communication

Would you rather get regular updates about where your freight is in the shipping process, or be left wondering if your order will ever arrive?

Proactive communication shows respect for you as a customer. It demonstrates that the company knows that you need to stay informed about where your freight is and when it will arrive.

When checking out a potential shipping company, be sure to ask about how they communicate with customers. Whether they use cutting-edge tracking technology to reach you or an old-fashioned phone call, proactively communicating is a mark of respect and courtesy for the customer.

Quick Response Times

In addition to proactive communication, a trucking company should offer quick response times when you reach out to them.

This includes when you contact them to place your order in the first place, when you have follow-up questions, and if you need to report a mistake. Even if you have complaints and concerns, you should receive a quick reply and be assured that they will help you solve the problem.

When a freight company responds promptly to your concerns, it eliminates frustrating delays for the customer. It’s a clear indicator that they put your needs first. 

Fair and Transparent Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the trucking industry can face numerous additional fees on top of the base shipping cost.

For instance, your freight may need to be reweighed or reclassed. The higher your freight’s shipping class, the more expensive its fees will be. 

Other freight charges can include:

  • Detention Time
  • Permit fees
  • Accessorials such as tarping, special handling, etc.
  • Customs broker fees
  • Team drivers

The customer is responsible to pay the applicable fees for their shipment. However, an unscrupulous freight company could hide these extra fees to gain more business. This makes their services seem less costly—until it’s time for the customer to pay them. 

Good customer service means being honest about fees. Look for a company that promises not to hide the extra shipping fees, letting you make an informed financial decision.

With a shipping company that cares about its customers, you’ll get a transparent price quote that doesn’t hide any fees. 

Honesty and Integrity

Shipping freight can be a high-intensity business. When mistakes happen, they can cause serious inconveniences for customers, causing stress to everyone involved.

However, that’s no reason to let common courtesy slip.

The best way to assess whether you are dealing with a company that puts the customer first is to pay attention to how its representatives handles certain situations. Good, bad or ugly. A company with honesty and integrity will always shoot you straight.  You should expect to receive honesty and integrity by every member of the company, from the service representative to the driver who drops off your freight to the CEO. 

A company that maintains honesty and integrity does more than put you at ease. It shows you that you, the customer, are its top priority. 

Great Customer Service in the Trucking Industry

When you’re choosing a trucking company, you have lots to think about—costs, timing, logistics, and more.

However, customer service is just as important in the trucking industry as in every other service. Choosing a company that prizes customer service will give you a smoother, more professional, and more enjoyable shipping experience.

If you’re looking for a customer-oriented shipping company, contact Patriot Freight Group today. You’ll be confident with a trucking company that goes the extra mile for their customers.